How to Choose a Host and Hosting Plan:Part1


Are you new to hosting things? Is it rocket science for you?

If yes, then you are at correct place to understand Hosting Scince. Yes it is rocket scince but hard as Paper Rocket Science. 

Key questions to answer before Choosing a Host

1.Why do you need hosting?

2.What kind of website are you going to host?

3.What technology script(Web Based Programmes or call them Softwares) will be running on your site , PHP, ASP , CF or any other?

4.What is your Budget?

Answers :

You need hosting to upload Your Website Contents and Data. A hosting is a virtual space where you keep your website related data.

There are Basically 2 types of Sites.

1.Static Sites

2.Dynamic and Interactive sites


By Usages websites can be categorized as follows

  • Personal or company Websites    
  • Writers / Authors Websites (Mostly blog)
  • Community Building Websites (Mostly Forums)
  • Mobile Device Websites 
  • Informational Websites like
  • E-commerce Websites run own Ecommerce website and sell stuff.
  • Social Networking like Facebook , Twitter
  • File Sharing like Rapidshare, Dropbox


How to Choose a Host and Hosting Plan:Part1

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