China hacking into servers worldwide

Worlds most populated communist country hackers are now targeting worldwide computers and servers

Uptill now china has been burgerling into US military and corporate servers, but now criminals are using to take down local bodies and companies in china itself , companies can take down people spreading hoax


Hackers now find china the land of opportunity , they track down every single computer , its strokes and its GPS location too

China Hacks Worldwide

One of their police official said “We can physically locate anyone who spreads a rumor on the Internet,”

  • They are Hacking into private servers , tracking down people who opposes govt policies, stealing business secrets, hacking is taken as education and discussed in events, universities and classrooms
  • Ministry of Education and Chinese universities also take contribution of hacking competitions
  • Companies are hiring freelance hackers to watch their opponents activities , business plans
  • Govt is using hackers to keep an eye on suspects over their activities
  • China Hacking is becoming a profession in china skilled hackers can make millions of dollars with right team

Govt companies are low paying so hackers are working for private security companies ,one decade back Red Hackers , are now working for one of companies and making $100,000 

Beware china , You may also get hacked :)

China hacking into servers worldwide

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