10 URL Rewrite PHP Classes

URL Rwrite is a boon for PHP programmers, Lets you write pretty URLs as well as manages redirections, Adding rewrite feature can be a plus for your PHP Script.
So get ready to load some of the best PHP classes for URL Rewrite in PHP . Let your htaccess work.
URL Rewrite PHP Classes
URL Rewrite PHP Classes
HTAccess mod_rewrite htaccess_emulation Interpret Apache .htaccess to emulate mod_rewrite This class can be used to interpret a subset Apache directives that can be defined in .htaccess configuration files. It takes as parameter the directive lines of configuration of an .htaccess file to interpret
htmLawed htmlawed Filter HTML for security and standards htmLawed homepage htmLawed homepage This package can be used to filter or purify HTML to prevent security attacks and for compliance with standards and admin. policies. It can parse HTML documents and rewrite it to filter tags and data that
Rewriter rewriter Rewrite request variables based on the request URI This class can rewrite request variables by parsing the request URI in a similar way to what the Apache module mod_rewrite does but without using regular expression based rules. It allows to map a request to an URL like http:/
Relink relink Rewrite URLs based on mod_rewrite configuration PHP Programming Innovation award nominee September 2008 Number 6 mod_rewrite is an Apache server module that converts the URLs used to access to a site to URLs of a different format using regular expressions. mod_rewrite is often used
HN URL Rewrite hn_urlrewrite Emulate request URL rewriting and redirection PHP Programming Innovation award nominee September 2004 Number 2 There is the conviction between experience Web site developers that search engines index more pages of a site and do it faster if their page URLs are normalized
URI Rewrite Handler Support forum rewrite-engine Rewrite request URLs split with backslashes This class can rewrite request URLs split with backslashes. It can parse the current request URL and extract the URL bits split with backslash characters. The class can also build a new URL assembling given
lean URL cleanurl Transform URLs to make them search engine friendly Clean URL is a class that implements a method to make URLs more user and search engine friendly by removing ‘?’ and ‘=’ symbols from URI. This class is meant to be used in conjunction with URL rewriting Web server modules that
URL rewrite url-rewrite-mapper Map URLs based on regular expression rules This package can be used to map URLs based on regular expression rules. It can take rules that define how to extract parameters from URLs. Then it can reassemble a new URL from the extracted parameters. example of usage Url
Url Rewriter url_rewriter Redirect requests according URL rewriting rules This class can be used to redirect requests based on URL rewriting rules. It can check whether the current request URL matches one or more rules. If one of the defined rules is matched, the class determines the path of a PHP
Secure Media securemedia Protect Flash files from hotlinking by other sites PHP Programming Innovation award nominee October 2004 Number 4 The unauthorized use of content of one site in another site is an activity that concerns many site owners. Hotlinking is one type of unauthorized content use
10 URL Rewrite PHP Classes
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