Downgrade php Version using Htaccess

There may some times that your site starts behaving like your ex girlfriend, totally weirdo.

You would almost spend days over to investigate the problem

  • Check Error Log
  • Debug all code
  • Remove modules
  • Restart Server
  • Fight with Hosting Company
  • Check Access Log
  • Follow net tutorials
  • Screw the current installation
  • Upgrade the installation
  • Hire a Freelancer (Last resort)



Now Here is a quick solution to check if problem is caused because of PHP version change by your hosting.

Create a file say phpinfo_xyz.php

add following code to it

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

upload it to your domain so it reads like

Run this url in your browser and note your current version of PHP.

You can downgrade your PHP version of a directory using .htaccess file

Here is a sample command

AddHandler x-httpd-php5-3 .php
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php

Add above lines in your folders .htaccess file and see the change

By again running

You can see if your site version is changed, and see your site for performing better.

Same situation happened to me when I shifted my server from

PHP V5.3 to PHP V5.4

My site was using Opencart V1.5.x so finally i planned to downgrade my site to PHP V5.3, and it worked smoothly.

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Downgrade php Version using Htaccess

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